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Meeting Programs

HLAA-SD Programs for Meetings

(Subject to change)


January 20 - What is adult aural rehabilitation and is it worth it? Join us in discussion about hearing loss and the quality of our voices! As always, Captioning will be provided. As always, free. No need to be a member to attend! Discussion will be led by Jordan Weber, a Speech-Language Pathologist at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center. She has been working professionally as a speech pathologist since 2015. She currently is a part of a multidisciplinary cochlear implant team and provides aural rehabilitation services to adult cochlear implant recipients. She runs family-centered adult groups for recipients of both cochlear implants and hearing aids. She recently completed a volunteer program abroad in Jamaica, at the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf, in which she provided aural rehabilitation services to both adults and children. She additionally works with other disorders affecting speech, language, voice, and cognitive function. She received her master’s degree and her undergraduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology at San Diego State University

February 17 - Andie Squires of CTAP will come in with sample equipment from the CTAP program, demonstrate them and answer your questions as to what in their inventory is right for you to help you hear better on the phone and other situations. This equipment is FREE!

March 17 - We have a special guest, Michael Davidson, Professor Emeritus of American Literature at UCSD. Michael wears hearing aids but says he relies greatly on speech to text and is going to tell us his experience with Ava, a smart phone app you can download for free! To experience Ava with Michael's guidance, please download to your smart phone from your app store or from https://www.ava.me/

Also, Michael will tell us of his hearing loss journey and his coping mechanisms. Obviously as professor at UCSD, he has challenges most of us do not!

April 21 - HLAA San Diego member David Ward is the San Diego representative for HLAA N-CHATT (Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers)! He has had extensive training for helping us understand the various hearing aid and other technologies available to us. It's complicated! Don't miss this important presentation and discussion!

  • The Best Hearing Aid of 2018.
  • You no longer will have to pay the "Retail" price on a Hearing aid -- everything now is negotiable.
  • Prices are dropping up to thousands!
  • Amplifiers will be changing the way we hear.
  • Did you know, in a few months, Walgreen's will be selling Starkey hearing aids; and CVS, Phonak aids?

May 19 -  Alison Eier from Advanced Bionics will tell us all about the amazing new technologies here now and coming up in cochlear implants. Don't miss this no matter what hearing technology you now use! 

June 16 - No Meeting in June

July 21 - No Meeting in July

August 18 - No Meeting in August

September 15 - TBD

October 20 - TBD

November 17 - Thanksgiving Pot Luck

December 15 - Holiday Celebration

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