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Welcome to the website of the San Diego chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA-SD).

HLAA-SD is a volunteer organization consisting of people with hearing loss, their relatives, friends, supporters and business contacts. HLAA-SD is an educational volunteer organization established for the purpose of fostering the welfare and interest of people in San Diego with hearing loss.

The activities of the Chapter are a focal point in the San Diego hearing loss community, providing organized educational, support, and social activities for people with hearing loss.

Meeting Programs

Facebook Page!

We now have a Facebook page. Check it out. The name of the page is Hearing Loss Association of America - San Diego Chapter.

f_logo.jpg Visit us on Facebook!

Sign up for our mailing list

Our mailing list is used to provide information on our meetings and social events, and very occasionally to notify folks of other topics of interest to San Diegans with hearing loss. To subscribe, send an email to  HLAA-SD-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Support Groups

Meniere’s Disease Support Group

Contact: Mark White
760 505-7632.


Acoustic Neuroma Association

San Diego Support Group
Contact: Helen McHargue

Hard of Hearing Support Group at DCS
Group meets weekly from March 6 to March 27. Contact Trisha (tpatel@dcsofsd.org) for more information.

Want to be on our email list?  Email corinne307@gmail.com and we will add you!  Welcome to our group!


Our Next Meeting

April 21 - HLAA San Diego member David Ward is the San Diego representative for HLAA N-CHATT (Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers)! He has had extensive training for helping us understand the various hearing aid and other technologies available to us. It's complicated! Don't miss this important presentation and discussion!

    - The Best Hearing Aid of 2018.
    - You no longer will have to pay the "Retail" price on a Hearing aid -- everything now is negotiable.
    - Prices are dropping up to thousands!
    - Amplifiers will be changing the way we hear.
    - Did you know, in a few months, Walgreen's will be selling Starkey hearing aids; and CVS, Phonak aids?

How to Join HLAA

To join HLAA or renew an existing membership, please point your browser to  http://hearingloss.org/content/join

You do not have to be a member of HLAA to attend our meetings!

More HLAA Information

Visit HLAA National

Visit HLAA-California

Visit Us On Facebook

HLAA Convention 2016 Washington DC

Captioned Live Theater

Information on captioned performances at the Civic Theater

Information on captioned performances at the La Jolla Playhouse

Join Ralph's Community Contribution Program

Next time you're shopping at Ralph's, swipe your customer card and tell them you want to join their Community Contribution Program, and you want donations to go to Group Number 93313, which is our HLAA Group. A portion of all future purchases will go to our group!


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